RTL Nieuws FAKE Buk-M1 photo part II

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January 5, 2015
Second BUK trail photo

Dutch RTL nieuws claims this photo shows the contrail of the Buk-M1 that hit MH17. The news channel nor journalist Olaf Koens who interviewed the witness who allegedly made this photo have responded to my first article.

The photo is the second in a series of three. Here is the first photo that according to the witness was taken moments earlier.
BswldgYIUAAV7A_What we see on this photo is the contrail of a missile. I have received convincing new information to exclude the possibility incoming incendiary ammunition or strubble fire might have caused the plume. The rocket specialist quoted in the TV broadcast is absolutely correct. I doubt if he was asked to identify the exact type of missile however. In the broadcast I did not hear him say something like: “this is a typical contrail that becomes visible after the launch of a Surface to Air Missile.”

Grad BM21 measurement shot

From the artillery expert I contacted for the first article I learned that measurement shots are fired in almost vertical position, intended to land between own and enemy troops. The instruments on board the missile collect data about air pressure, humidity and other factors that can influence the trajectory of the missiles used in the barrage.

I have followed the Ukrainian conflict very precisely and the most logical explanation is the constant targeting of Saur Mogila, highest point of Donetsk.

1Grad measure shot could have been made on many different days versus Buk only on July 17. On many different firing spots in many different directions hitting many different targets. A large number of possible shots with Grad measure. For the Buk maximum is one, because there was one or null.

Combat area psychology

Some people claim it is impossible a Buk-M1 could have flown over the heads of thousands of people, leave a contrail for ten minutes without causing great excitement. Very improbable yes, but entirely impossible no. In an environment of constant explosions and violence perception changes.

Anonymous witnesses

The Ukrainian secret service SBU as explained in part one was busted using fake anonymous witnesses just as Olaf Koens was interviewing this anonymous witness. Olaf himself warned his viewers for Russian and Ukrainian deception in an information war! Another argument to reject the claims of the witness is his claims cannot be verified or confirmed by any other means. The entire RTL Nieuws case for the BUK depends on this person.

The gravest violation of journalistic standards

RTL should have never accepted this witness as credible. Torture is modus operandi of SBU. RTL Nieuws must have considered the risk this witness is a compromised opponent and under extreme pressure forced to work for the other side. I found indications that support this scenario.

I don’t know if RTL head Pieter Klein thought “TV has no Memory” and everybody would have forgotten after the public holidays. Or what exactly he means by precision journalism. All I know is the Internet never Forgets.

Piet, come on, please fully retract your story and don’t make me write more parts. Compared to NIEUWSUUR you guys do a good job.

Max van der Werff