MH17 – Haunt the BUK

September 11, 2015 In anticipation of the Dutch Safety Board’s final report expected to be released October 13, it can’t harm to publish the latest research conducted by Michael Kobs and others dissecting social media ‘proof’ a Russian Buk supposedly downed MH17. From the very beginning this blog has published and integrated all MH17-research Michael […]

MH17 – ‘Buk plume’ burns witness – Part I

July 26, 2015 Русская версия Digitally altered image posted within 3 hours after MH17 crashed. More than a year has passed since Malaysian flight MH17 crashed, but we are still waiting for the publication of “overwhelming evidence” of Russian culpability. The only ‘visual proof’ a Buk missile was fired from rebel controlled territory is a […]

MH17 – another BUK on another Day

Mainstream media start to acknowledge Kiev lied about not having jet fighters in the air. Good moment to look at alternative Buk narratives. Broken Buk at Ukrainian airbase A-1428 in Avdeevka (source) ***************************************************************** Written and originally posted by: Hector Reban July 10, 2015 An Alternative Track Trail At this moment the ¨track trail theory¨ (= […]

MH17: Buk + Air-to-Air missiles R-60?

June 12, 2015 – by Irina Petrakova, journalist from Moscow, Russia. A week ago Almaz-Antey, the manufacturer of Buk, held a press conference. During this very interesting event the engineers of the company explained in detail what is wrong with the Western narratives. Explicitly not excluded by spokesmen of Almaz Antey: the scenario in which […]

MH17 – Bad Day for the Putin-did-it-crowd

June 3, 2015 Three weeks ago, a group of anonymous engineers sent a report to the Russian opposition paper Novaya Gazeta. The newpaper published the findings of these engineers in the article “It was Buk-M1”. This publication drew a lot of attention in Western media and it was interpreted as: finally the Russians admit it […]

Lev Aleksandrovich – MH17 eyewitness

My name is Bulatov Lev Aleksandrovich, a pensioner, former miner. Max: What is your address? Lev: Petropavlivka, Komarova street, 1, where we are standing now. Map below: Petropavlivka is located in the green zone, in the little orange circle not far from the last FDR point. (source: Dutch Safety Board) If you don’t speak Russian, […]

MH17 – Stuck with BUK Research Project

May 29, 2015 This photo was taken from a flat in Snizhne minutes after MH17 crashed. A simple Google Image check shows this photo was first published on by ‘AnnaVatavu’. The large building with chimney must be: “Snezhnyanskkhimmash” GPS coordinates:  48° 2’58.37″N  38°45’43.86″E In the yellow circle the photographers flat with line of sight […]

MH17 – News, Scribbles and Notes

September 16 #22 #MH17 "Exif-data can be manipulated. It's much harder to fake physics & math" by @MichaKobs — Max van der Werff (@MaxvanderWerff) September 16, 2015 ************************************************************************* September 11 #21 MH17 – Haunt the BUK ******************************************************************** July 26 #20 MH17 – ‘Buk plume’ burns witness – Part I ******************************************************************** July 11 #19 Mainstream […]

MH17 – “Buk rookpluimfoto’s” zijn bedrog

English version 20 mei 2015 Een van de redenen dat ik april 2015 een week lang op en nabij de MH17 crash site ben geweest was mijn wens de authenticiteit te verifiëren van de enige foto’s die een rookpluim tonen waarvan wordt beweerd dat deze veroorzaakt is door een Buk-raket. Deze foto werd 3 uur […]