MH17-game: claim, blame & frame

December 21, 2014

John Kerry: “We saw the hit, we saw plane disappear”

The headline appeared August 13 in The Australian. The paper further reports:
SHOCKED US officials watched as they received real-time satellite images showing a Russia-supplied BUK missile being fired at Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.
US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed yesterday the Americans then saw the airline vanish from sight. It had 298 passengers and crew aboard including 38 Australian citizens and residents. “This type of weapon, all the evidence of it was seen on our imagery,” Mr Kerry said after the annual AUSMIN summit.
“We saw the take-off. We saw the trajectory, we saw the hit. We saw this aeroplane disappear from the radar screens. So there is really no mystery about where it came from and where these weapons have come from.”

Ukraine’s president Poroshenko confirms Kerry’s words on Australian TV:

“The leading countries, the Dutch specialist, we have a very positive co-operation experience and the preliminary results is already delivering the information that the attack was done from the territory controlled by the terrorist sponsored by Russians. The surface-to-air missile which were delivered from Russia and we have a satellite photo of this rocket launch.”

It is “a misunderstanding”

Fred Westerbeke, chief prosecutor and coordinator of the criminal investigation into the plane crash told Dutch daily NRC two days ago, December 19:

“Satellite images showing how on July 17 flight MH17 over Ukraine was shot out of the sky by a rocket do not exist. There has been a misunderstanding about this. There are no satellite images in the sense of a movie where you see a rocket going into the air. There is no conclusive evidence from intelligence services with the answer to all the questions.”

It is important to understand that Westerbeke does not say he doesn’t have the images but, if his quote is not a misunderstanding, he claims the images do not exist and uses the term no conclusive evidence”.

We can expect word acrobatics by some government spokesmen ‘explaining’ Secretary of State John Kerry’s, President Poroshenko’s and Westerbeke’s claims are not contradictory in any way.


“The history of our race, and each individual’s experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal”.
(Mark Twain)

John McCain, one day after the downing of MH17:

“If it was a missile that took this plane down then it has to be a very sophisticated weapon system and the Ukrainians do not have that capability.”

Does this top US-politician who himself was shot down by a Soviet SAM  really not know the Ukrainian Air Defenses has S-200, S-300PT, S-300PS, S-300V1 and Buk-M1 in its arsenal? Maybe some of his Maidan friends can update him with some crucial knowledge to avoid further embarrasment.

BUK Nr.312

The Ukrainian Secret Service SBU claims BUK Nr.312 was delivered by Russia and in rebel hands at the time MH17 was shot down. Immediately serious doubts about this claim surfaced on the internet and very detailed analysis can be studied here and here.

Now an alleged sergeant deserter from the Ukrainian Air Defenses explains he was one of the BUK 312 operators which at all times has been in the hands of the Ukrainian army:

The BUK Nr.312 story is just one of the unsubstantiated and outlandish false claims made by the Ukrainian authorities. A few other examples:

*- Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), said that international experts have begun to examine evidence on Russia’s planned attack on an Aeroflot airliner above Ukraine. According to Nalyvaichenko, the SBU has sufficient evidence of the plot, including satellite imagery and witness accounts. “We have released the data. Everything that our investigation had at our disposal, we have given to the international experts and international organizations, who have fully acknowledged this evidence base and have begun to work,” he said.

*- The Russian plan was to shoot down an Aeroflot passenger plane as a pretext for an all out invasion, Nalyvaichenko reported.

*- Ukrainian army spokesman Lysenko claims to have “real information, from the investigation” confirming that the black box shows missile shrapnel downed MH17.

*- The same spokesman explains the rebels moved about sixty bodies shortly after the crash and in deep secret removed shrapnel evidence.

*- Chief of the Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine and the co-chair of the international investigation group into the crash, Vasiliy Vovk on December 19 claims the exact opposite of Lysenko’s statement: Bodies of MH17 victims “contain missile fragments

*- SBU head Nalyvaichenko in November claimed a terrorist group had planned an attack at the request of the Russian secret service and a Dutch delegation with Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders in Kharkov was the target. For a change in The Hague the report about the possible attack has been dismissed as Ukrainian war propaganda.

And then of course there is the real possibility that a missile fired by the Ukrainian Army downed MH17 or that the airliner was destroyed by an air-to-air weapon fired from a Ukrainian jet fighter.

In another article we already established that Ukraine:

– used civilian airliners as human shields
– did not close its airspace even after danger for civilian aviation was imminent
– knew rebel forces claimed to have Buk-M1
– claims itself prior to MH17 one of its planes was shot down at an altitude out of reach for manpads.
– had the motive to organise a false flag and smear Russia and the rebels

Yet, all these factors combined are no reason to expel Ukraine from the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that conducts the criminal investigation and is responsible for finding the culprits.

SPIEGEL ONLINE confronted Westerbeke: “Is it not absurd that Ukraine takes part in the investigation knowing it could be involved in the downing of MH17?”

Westerbeke: “Of course that is a problem. But we cannot do the investigation without them. I want to clarify one matter however: we have no indication at all that Kiev is not absolutely open with us. They give us all the information we want to have.”

Westerbeke downplays this gigantic problem and his stand is not caused by naivety. Fact is that the Dutch government and the Ukrainian regime have the same agenda. Then Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Frans Timmermans emphasized: “We will establish justice. After everything we’ve lived through, Ukrainians are a fraternal nation for us”.

It’s the same Frans Timmermans who got promoted to a top job in Brussels shortly after he so blatantly lied in his UN-speech. Mainly because of this speech the Dutch public and professional press core chose Timmermans to be Dutch politician of the year.
It underlines in the Netherlands there is no neutral climate that in any way can guarantee an honest and unbiased investigation.

Why the secrecy on the Mh17 Investigation? Because an open and transparent investigation is to be prevented at all costs, since it takes time and coordinated effort to fine tune all the ‘evidence’. The Dutch government has completely gone silent after its politician of the year completely screwed up with oxygen-mask-gate.

The stakes are simply too high risking a final report that has to put the blame on an undesired perpetrator. This sobering thought is particularly heartbreaking for the family members of the deceased. Nothing personal. Just geopolitics.


Note: Westerbeke explains in NRC that there is an eyewitness program. People need to be able to give testimonials in secrecy a confidential setting. We wrote about ingoring eyewitnesses who are willing to come forward in public: Who cares for MH17 eyewitnesses?

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