MH17 – Photo forensics – BUK-M1 – Contrail

January 1, 2015

Dutch RTL Nieuws channel on December 22nd last year allegedly presented new evidence Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down by a BUK-M1 missile stationed in rebel controlled territory. In our analyses Not BUK-M1 Part I and Part II we disclosed overwhelming and irrefutable evidence the interviewed witness lied. We delivered proof that, contrary to what witness claimed:

1) First photo was taken on July 16, not July 17
2) On July 17 no BUK-M1 was fired from the pointed location
3) Photo two was not taken on the same day as photo one
4) Witness is not making a mistake, he is deliberately lying

Closer look at the photos

By clicking either photo one or two a magnification will appear

Numbers Game

Each digital photo in essence can be reduced to numbers. Numbers specify certain specifications. By ‘right clicking’ an image you can choose ‘properties’. We did this for both photo’s the witness presented. The results plotted in a table look like this:

PhotospecsFrom these numbers we can deduct following information:

Standard aspect ratio of camera’s have ratio 4:3 or 16:9. These are specifications of a fancy camera.

A search on internet makes us choose the Nikon D7100 as most probable candidate. Photos might have been made by a similar camera from another brand too, which would lead to the same results in our analysis. By clicking the camera image technical specifications will appear.

NikonMost camera’s nowadays also have video capability and this Nikon is no exception. Here a review about video capabilities.

Looking at our table again we notice most probably the first photo in reality is not a photo, but a frame from a video. Let’s look at Photo once again:

1puurCIRKELLet’s zoom in and watch:


Even at maximum zoom we can still clearly recognize even the cables of the mast.

Now, the much larger at ‘dimension’ and  bytes’ second photo that was presented as ‘new evidence’ by RTL Nieuws and supposedly was taken moments after ‘photo’ one…..

DetailPhotoTWOIt is no surprise for us.

Prediction made by the Belling Mouse social media research group:

1) The second photo was taken on a cloudy day later than July 16
2) The contrail of the Grad BM21 missile was Photoshopped into the second image.
3) Part of the contrail is missing due to the different zoom factor.
4) Missing part of the contrail in second photo is ‘doctored’.
5) The ‘truth seeker’ and his team had 4 month’s to arrange this.
6) However, to make detection of the fraud impossible even by the best experts, the image needed to be blurred.

We are open for other explanations as long as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will prevail in case MH17.