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September 16 #22


September 11 #21

MH17 – Haunt the BUK

July 26 #20

MH17 – ‘Buk plume’ burns witness – Part I


July 11 #19

Mainstream media start to acknowledge Kiev lied about not having jet fighters in the air. Good moment to look at alternative Buk narratives.

Broken Buk

MH17 – another BUK on another Day


June 12 #18


June 8 #18

MH17: Examination of evidence from social media


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June 5 #17


June 4 #16

MH17 – Bad Day for the Putin-did-it-crowd


June 3 #15

June 3 #14

June 3 #13


June 1 #12

About Bellingcat’s claim: “Russian sat pics fake”


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May 28 #03

Thank God!

Finally, after one month, Dutch Safety Board and I make handover agreement for possibly crucial #MH17 evidence and object with emotional value. #relieved #nextThursdayJune4!


May 27 #01

German Head Prosecutor (ret.) Mrs. Wolff published a new article in her series “MH17 Information War“. She researches MH17 Bellingcat and Correctiv research. Fascinating how she dissects the claims both entities make! About Correctiv claim the US has appointed a launch site north of Snizhne:

“Get into the corner and be ashamed of yourself, is my advice for this kind of journalism.”
(“In die Ecke stellen und schämen, ist mein Ratschlag für diese Art von Journalismus.”)

About Bellingcat’s claim Donetsk Buk picture is the real thing, expect more from her soon.

Parallel on Twitter Arnold Greidanus

Bellingcat and Correctiv have published research claiming two completely different launch locations. If Bellingcat witness smoke plume photos are genuine, all anonymous Correctiv witnesses pointing to a launch spot miles away are wrong.
Vice versa if Correctiv’s spot is correct, the Bellingcat plume photo is not showing a Buk launch at all.

Both Bellingcat and Correctiv don’t seem to be very troubled by that. Neither has there been any journalist openly pointing at this anomaly.


UsefulIdiotThis is the interview I gave to Sputnik that caused this micro aggression.


Eric van de Beek is professional journalist and ‘useful idiot’. Check out his excellent interview with corrupt journo Udo Ulfkotte talking about corrupt journalism.

After my tweet: “Dutch Ministry of Truth rep and my hat is nicer than yours”……


……. a typical example of Dutch pluriform inquisitive open for debate journalists response.

HansDeVreiJokes aside. Hans de Vreij gets ample air time on Dutch radio and gives his opinion about the secret report written by anonymous Russian experts as published in Russian opposition paper Novaya Gazeta.

A transparant open source secret report written by reputable experts anonymous Russian (??????) experts.

What strikes me in the radio interview is that Hans perfectly explains why these ‘engineers’ must remain anonymous (they would be in front of a judge in no time), but does not even consider the possibility this whole report might be complete bogus. How does he know the report is authentic?

Dutch state TV NOS and quality paper Trouw and many other Dutch media report:

Even Russia now admits: MH17 was downed by Buk missile