Not BUK-M1: new video proof

Few hours after flight Malaysian MH17 crashed into the fields in Grabovo this photo appeared in the blogosphere claimed to be the contrail of the Buk-M1 missile that shot it down:

MH17 4People not convinced about the authenticity of the photo where dismissed as ‘Russian trolls’. Dutch journalist of the year Olaf Koens interviewed the man who made the photo and RTL Nieuws showed a new photo (copy). That was December 22, five month’s after the first photo.

Now I will present a video that shows the same event from the opposite side which geolocated looks like this on a map
Line of sightThe video is most probably made with a mobile phone after the stunned owner saw a missile launch less than 3000 meters away. To understand what you have to look for here’s a still made at 5 seconds of the video.

still5secHere the video:


It was a Grad bm21 launch?

In an information war all claims have to be verified very carefully and as a rule of thumb my strategy is: everybody is lying until proven not guilty.

mapGRADfiringDirectionThe video is taken at a small water. Between the red lines I think the missiles moved roughly in the direction of Torez. The launch sites of various Grad bm21 missile complexes is in the green zone of following map and after watching the video several times the “Buk M1” shot was the unit most to the left side.

mapGRADfiringSPOTThe original video can be watched at the youtube channel of Euromaidan here. Since interesting content all the time seems to miraculously disappear on the internet here is a screenshot:

EuroMaydanThe video was uploaded July 16, one day before MH17 crashed. Euromaidan claims it shows a salvo fired from Russian territory. Do you notice the nice weather and clear sky?

Situational awareness: heavy fighting in the region.

Thank you so much Saker for this information:

“July 16, 2014 – Situation Report from the Area of the “Southern Cauldron”

In the course of the day the columns of Ukrainian military equipment and infantry continuing their flight across the Russian border from the east to the west – through the village of Kozhevnya, then on to Novopetrovskoye, Grigorovka and, finally, to Amvrosievka. The Militia’s artilley is conducting periodic strikes against the enemy forces using all available calibre’s. NazGuard’s attempt to conduct yet another assault against Saur-Mogila was answered with a massive artillery shelling, following which the Ukrainian forces continued their retreat.”

Witness needs to be interrogated

It would be very interesting to listen to the explanation of the SBU presented witness how he heard two explosions, went to his balcony, picked up his camera and made only two photos of an event that happened a day earlier than he claims?

He also claims he made a third photo about 5 minutes after the other two.

5minfoto He had to go from his balcony to the other side of the apartment to make this photo of the MH17 crash fire. Was it really the same day?

Since the witness seems to have had a professional 4928 x 3264 pixel capable camera I cannot explain why he wasn’t able to put his tripod in a horizontal position. If you look at his photo you see the horizon tilting downwards to the left side. I marked it with red lines. In reality the landscape is almost horizontal, tilting very slightly downwards to the right. I marked that with green lines.

MH17 4redandgreenline
Maybe the person who interviewed him has answers? I already asked him five other questions. As a simple blogger I specifically want to leave open the possibility that none of my information is relevant and I got it all wrong. I don’t mind, as long as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will prevail.

Maybe at the Ukrainian Secret Service Headquarters in Kiev they have all the plausible explanations.

Final note

British State Television ordered youtube to delete a video on my channel. I thought it was rather informative and posted it on Vimeo. You can never have too many eyewitness testimonials. They are a powerful tool to check and counter check claims of individuals with a hidden agenda.

It’s what my math teacher Mr. Elfrink during math class told me when I was the only one asking for explanation: “One is None.”


Not BUK-M1 Part II

Posted December 30, 2014